Love is in the air.

Crystal and Jonathan were madly in love with each other.  Everyday they seat underneath a tree and spoke for hours.


All they wanted to do was to get married and settle down together.
Everything was happy and merry until…..

Crystal had to leave the country along with her parents, due to an emergency.

Crystal broke the news to Jonathan who was heartbroken.

Their last words to each other were :

Crystal: I’ll always love you.

Jonathan: I’ll always wait for you.


Crystal left the country…..

40 Years later……Crystal returned back.

Standing alone at the bus stop she noticed an old man dressed in formals and a hat playing a violin.

She went forward and realized….

It was Jonathan.

Crystal: Oh! My God I never thought that I would ever see you again.

Jonathan: I was sure to see you someday. You look beautiful.

“They both started walking together.”

Jonathan: How did life treat you Crystal?

Crystal: It’s been awesome. I travelled more than a dozen countries, got married, became mother of two children and I’ll be a grandmother soon.

“What about you?”, asked Crystal.

Jonathan: Waited all this while for this day to come.

“After walking for sometime they reached the tree where they used to spend their teenage days together.”

Crystal: 40 years later and we’re back here, I still can’t believe this.

Jonathan: Those days were the best day of my life.

“They both sat down and look at the sky together.”

A huge wind starts passing by leading to dust everywhere.

As the storm calms down, Crystal opens her eyes and finds herself alone.

A confused Crystal looks around for Jonathan, taking a step and two she finds a grave built at the back of the tree.


It was Jonathan’s grave with lines written as :

“Jonathan waited for Crystal even after his death.”


Love happens for a reason and the reason is not death but eternity.  Keep smiling 🙂







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