Beatitudo volantes (Flying happiness)

On a sunny day a rag picker was picking up garbage from the road.

Sweaty and tired, he saw someone from a nearby building’s window throwing paper planes!!

Irritated watching someone increasing pile of his work , He picked up all the paper planes and went towards the building.

All he wanted to do was give his piece of mind to the person who was throwing garbage on road.

The rag picker rang the bell and stood their in anger as a lady opened the door.

Rag Picker: “Madam, someone is throwing paper planes from your place and doubling my work. Do you not wish to keep your city clean?”


Lady: I’m so sorry my 9 year old child must be throwing paper planes from our window, will tell him to stop.


Rag Picker: Please teach him some manners so that it helps us to keep our city clean and in future he may have a good heart and become a responisble citizen.

The lady asked the rag picker to open up the paper plane and read what’s written inside!!

The Rag Picker did that and there was a line written saying ;

“You’re special, hope you’ve a nice day. keep smiling.” 🙂

Lady: “There’s an old age home beside our building. My son sends these messages to the people staying there……

He is a handicap, so he can’t go everyday to meet them thus he sends his messages via Paper planes. He feels that his messages sent via paper planes helps the old age home members and make them feel better.”

The rag picker had tears in his eyes as he left the place.


“In life the one who has been through pains understand’s others pain the most.”

He folded up all his love and happiness inside the paper planes and let them fly away into the wind………for someone else’s happiness.

Let’s all spread love and happiness. Peace. 🙂


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