She cares of your happiness.

When you really care about someone, Their happiness matters more than yours,  And She Cares.

She has only one dream in a relationship and that is “Your Happiness.”

The truth is, she doesn’t need much at all. It’s not that she has lower expectations but She just knows what actually matters. She knows what is going to make a difference in her  life, she knows what’s the meaning of the eternal happiness and in actually the meaning of happiness for her is nothing but “Your Happiness”.

Now, Isn’t she deserves “Your Best” ?? 

Absolutely, Yes.  And Why so?

Because, She left all of her just to come into your life. She smiles when you smile, she cries on your sorrows, she feels eternal joy on your happiness, she makes you sleep with her sleepless eyes and most importantly she holds your hands when no one else does !!

So, Make her feel happy as much as you can, so that her soul started to dance on the song of your “Love”.


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